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    Phooling with Photoshop

    I decided to try something tonight, I took a picture of the back of my Hamilton chrono (now returned, argh) and made with the Photoshop on it.
    I suppose I need to find some use for it and the Mac its on. Anyway, I cropped the original, adjusted the curves and then finally grafted a second picture of the movement in, which was given even more of the curve and contrast treatment. The last step was a little healing brush work on the edges of the new pic to compensate for its being slightly smaller than the
    space it was to occupy. The original photo was taken with a Nikon 55mm macro lens on my Nikon D700, at f3.5, 1/60th, with a flash.



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    Re: Phooling with Photoshop

    Nice i like how it lightens it up.

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