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    picked up a new camera

    today being such a beautiful day, i decided to go to the local flea-market. i am always looking for watches, and vintage electronics. we finished the first half and go across the street to the other side and sitting on the first table i see this little canon powershot... cool its a G9. i ask how much, the girl says $50 it dont work parts or repair, i gladly paid her. i have taken 10 pics so far and been playing with this thing since i got home, if something is wrong with this camera i cant find it. the only thing is it didnt come with the charger
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    Re: picked up a new camera

    Nice find!

    That's a pretty cool camera for non-low-light situations; I wouldn't mind getting one myself for travel. I've used one and it seemed pretty solid. I need something bash-proof, as I seem to keep breaking my compact cameras, while my Nikon SLRs have survived a lot of rough treatment - rainstorms, falling off rocks, etc...

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    Re: picked up a new camera

    Congrats! That is a really solid camera, and you got it at a steal. You could probably pick up a charger on the bay for cheap, too.

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