Post your Collection in 1 photo here
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Thread: Post your Collection in 1 photo here

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    Post your Collection in 1 photo here

    Post your entire watch collection in ONE photo. Multiple shots of the collection are allowed.
    I went looking for a similar thread and couldn't find it.
    Attached Images Attached Images

    Rolex Daytona SS, Black
    Breitling Chronomat GMT 44, Blue
    Omega Planet Ocean Chrono, Orange
    Tudor Heritage Chrono, Blue
    Breitling Colt II Chrono, Black
    Hamilton Classic Jazz master, White
    Luminox Field Chrono 1880, Blue
    Casio G-shock

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    Re: Post your Collection in 1 photo here

    Whoah, you are brave to set those nice watches on the rocks.

    my collection photo is very easy:
    Name:  PO-on-grey-NATO2.jpg
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    Re: Post your Collection in 1 photo here

    Super crappy photo of some super awesome watches :)

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    Re: Post your Collection in 1 photo here

    I'm bringin' the thread BACK!

    Name:  CropperCapture[87].jpg
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    Keep right, except to pass!

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    Re: Post your Collection in 1 photo here

    This is my rather small collection:

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    Re: Post your Collection in 1 photo here

    Here's my menagerie. The first photo is in order of acquisition, oldest on the left. The second photo is arranged with my (current) favorites in the middle of the pack. I *really* like the Orient & the Citizen (my newest).

    oldest -> newest
    Name:  menagerie.jpg
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    favorites in the middle
    Name:  preferences.jpg
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    A bit of info about them. Long read, feel free to stop reading anytime.

    The Seiko Dancing Hands was a big hit when I first got it. I don't recall when that was, but probably sometime in the early 90s. It's marked 8M25-6000.

    In 1995 I worked at Silicon Graphics, the year that SGI gave every employee a Tag Heuer 200m watch. I wore it a lot back then.

    From the late 90s to about 2005 I went through Casios like I did beer. Trashed most of those when they got beat up enough. Then sometime in the mid 2000s I stopped wearing a watch. Didn't pick up another until this year, when I retired and began volunteering as a trail safety patroller with my dog. I found it's much more convenient to glance at my wrist instead of digging out the phone & clicking a button to see the time. Went to Target & picked out the Timex Expedition.

    Then as my Wife likes to say - "the trouble started...". I quickly decided I had to have a 24 hour movement.

    Got the Vostok Komandirskie 24hr from a Russian eBay seller, zenitar. Love it.

    In June, we took a trip to Washington State. Up in a 2nd hand shop in Bellingham I spotted the Komandirskie Sub in a case. It was marked $15. I had the shop keeper take it out, I wound it a worked for a few minutes, I bought it. The crystal was badly scratched so back home, I opened it up, cleaned it a bit & took the case to a local watchmaker that I trust. He's Russian by the way. A man of few words, he looks at it, says $35, one week to order crystal. Then says - "Russian?". I nod affirmative, he says nothing... Less than a week later, he presses the crystal in & I have a cool watch that is running perfectly.

    Now, after this, I start looking at automatics, I see the Orient Defender online, a week later it's mine.

    Wife now notices that I'm browsing watches online again. I decide to hide in the basement & start researching Citizens. The rest is history...I love the Citizen.

    Maybe I'll stop now...NOT!
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