Returned new watch to buy new camera

Thread: Returned new watch to buy new camera

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    Returned new watch to buy new camera

    I just returned a new Seiko SS Land Monster so that I could buy myself a good camera to take pictures of my watches (kind of a twist on the Gift of the Magi story). After careful research, I decided to buy a Canon Powershot G9 mainly so that I could have the camera at my side at all times in order to grab what ever shots present themselves to me during the course of a day. I Shot for stock photo agencies 30 years ago and I used to have to carry a large heavy camera bag filled with equipment so that I would not miss a shot. I find that this one camera is amazing and literally takes the place of at least 80% of my old equipment. The camera is a great tool but still suffers from the limitations of its size compared to a DSLR. Maybe some time in the future I may move up to a DSLR but for now I am extremely happy with the small size and the phenomenal power that this camera has for its size. Here is a link to show what the camera looks like:

    After I learn all the workings of the camera, I will post some pix.


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    Re: Returned new watch to buy new camera

    Powershots are great cameras. Enjoy.

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    Re: Returned new watch to buy new camera

    Enjoy your new camera, sad to hear though the watch is gone...
    Kind Regards,

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