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    Re: Samurai up close

    thanks for all the compliments, people.

    I'd like to add a few words about the reverse adapter.
    I tried it with the 50mm macro but that particular lens is built very symetrical. So in reverse it only magnifies a little bit more (10-15%).

    Yesterday I got back a 50mm/1.4 standard/prime and tried that one with the reverse adapter. Wow, the effect was overwelming. Magnification was almost too much.
    Dof is nearly non existend, a fraction of a millimeter front and aft.

    Even with the extube fixed to the backend to control the aperture the dof was still not much more than 5mm. The 50mm/1.4 is also a bit soft image wise to be of any use as macro with the reversering. A 24 or 35mm might give better results.

    One other side effect with a reverse ring is that you lose the ability to fine focus. The focus becomes fixed. Any adjustment in focus must be done either shifting the subject or the camera.

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    Re: Samurai up close

    Great pics!

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