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    Servicing DSLR

    Got given a Nikon D7000 ~3 years back. Try my best to use it but David Bailey I am not .

    Recently been noticing issues around auto-focus, with the 'r' errors popping up in the viewfinder when trying to take pics. Rather than trawling through esoteric photography forums which will effortlessly bamboozle me, are there any quick and easy servicing things I should be doing? Or should cameras be taken for a yearly/5-yearly service?

    Thanks in advance.

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    Re: Servicing DSLR

    You sure it’s the camera? Have you tried it with different lenses?

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    Re: Servicing DSLR

    1st thing I'd check are the contacts between the lens and body. They must make good contact for everything to work, no more manual override except maybe focus. Use lint free lens cloth or the B&L large glasses cleaning micro cloths you can get at Wallyworld in the glasses dept. Go easy with the solution but make sure all the contacts are clean and not deformed. Don't touch with your bare fingers!

    As mentioned, try another lens to isolate the problem to the body or lens. After that, depending on your skill level, you may go to one of the few still in business photo stores and seek help. This does not sound very serious, could even be a Back-focus adjustment most counter help in these stores are capable of doing right there. Software adjustment.

    If you feel ambicious sign on to DP Review forum. The WUS of the photo world. Lots of expertise there. Good luck.

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