Shooting Tissot Visodate with Shiny dome crystal

Thread: Shooting Tissot Visodate with Shiny dome crystal

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    Shooting Tissot Visodate with Shiny dome crystal

    Hi, here are some photos to share amongst photography lovers.
    Got my Tissot Visodate about 3 days ago and decided to put it in front of my lens. It has a very shiny Dome Crystal so it reflects light very easily. I carried out the shoot beside s big pane of glass window for light and using some the white side of my circular reflector as the "roof" of the watch. I also put on a polarizing filter and finally got the shot I wanted. Would love to have a black light box to put the watch in and put one single source of light to control the reflections.
    Just thought to share. Feel free to comment.

    Link here :
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    Re: Shooting Tissot Visodate with Shiny dome crystal

    Convex crystals are a pain to shoot. That said, I think allowing a bit of reflection is a good thing - it makes it look like a 'real' watch, not a computer-generated image. Good photos, I like them.
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    Very nice shots, Mark! I have that same watch, and can vouch for the fact that it's a difficult subject.

    I've never been able to get the hands to light up without a reflection on the crystal, so I'm especially impressed with the first shot in your set. :thumbup:

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    Re: Shooting Tissot Visodate with Shiny dome crystal

    Fine images sir. Canon 20D in my stable as well. I like "real world" shots as much as lightbox "hands at 10 and 2" glamour shots. Both have their place. very nice.

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    Re: Shooting Tissot Visodate with Shiny dome crystal

    Very nice already invited you to the watch-group on flickr!
    Feel free to check out and make comments on my photo's: Click to see most of my watches!

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