Some of my photoshopped photos

Thread: Some of my photoshopped photos

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    Some of my photoshopped photos

    Hi All,
    Some of you might know me from other forums here. I have always had an interest in photography and I also love to play around with photoshop. These are some photos I took when I was on a job up in the very northern tip of Ireland. They are of an style cottage and a small shed so I decided to make them look a bit older. I played with the sepia filter and the contrast adjuster. In some I converted them to black and white first and some I left the colour in. Hope you like them.

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    Re: Some of my photoshopped photos

    Great pics! Well done!

    I love to fiddle around in photoshop and I worked with it professionally some years ago.

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    Re: Some of my photoshopped photos

    Really nice!

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