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    Some random photos/graphics


    Thought I'd share some photos and photoshopping, I've done over the last months.
    Nothing compared to the work from some of you guys, so feel free to comment - I'm always eager to learn more

    All my watches (most flipped) and my work, except a few background elements, I borrowed on the web.

    (I did not make the background graphic of the sanddunes)

    (I did not take the background moon shot)

    (I did in fact photograph all elements here. Nasa elements were photographed at the Kennedy Space Center.
    The moon shot was taken in Denmark, during the vinter)

    (I did not take the background moon shot, nor the picture of the astronaut)

    (This picture shows the "only" two watches I have left. All others have been flipped.
    I did not photograph any of the background elements - though I often day dream about taking the moon surface one - hence the cameraman in the visor)

    Most of the images were shot with a Pentax K100D (Tamron 18-250mm or 28-75mm f/2.8). I use Photoshop CS2 for editing.

    Thanks for looking - and again - feel free to comment
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    /Claus (Denmark )

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    Re: Some random photos/graphics

    Fantastic work! I really enjoyed it
    Wear what you like.

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