Somewhere to post my work.

Thread: Somewhere to post my work.

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    Somewhere to post my work.

    I thought I'd make a thread here to post some of my watch photography since my Facebook friends seem to be getting annoyed and disinterested with my hobby.

    Anyway, I run a fairly successful photography business.
    My facebook page is here:

    I do mostly automotive shots, but I do some portraits and nature as well and of course, my watch collection!

    I can post some automotive too if people wouldn't mind, but to start...some of my collection!

    IMG_2993_wm by Lyonsroar91, on Flickr

    IMG_3406_wm by Lyonsroar91, on Flickr

    IMG_6040_wm by Lyonsroar91, on Flickr

    IMG_8837_wm by Lyonsroar91, on Flickr

    Let me know what you'd like to see next!

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    Re: Somewhere to post my work.

    Very nice pictures. Really like the contrast between the watch colors and the wood background. Nice job.
    "Either he's dead or my watch has stopped"
    Groucho Marx

    "The only reason for time is so that everything does not happen at once..."
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