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    Street Photography: Caribana part 2 of 2

    I have spent 8 years in Toronto, and I never once went to the Caribana Parade..! I took part in the festivities in the downtown core but the parade I skipped and avoided, one of those events I had been invited to each year, like the Beer Fest and never went to cause I thought it would suck... Well! Screw that! It was a blast at the Beer fest and the Parade is something else entirely, went there today with 3 friends - boy, do I ever lead by bad example, two of them are photographs and we applied for press passes but got turned downed, well - that didn't stop us, by a fluke we got in to a place where we have to pay to have access to it but... We got in for free by accident! He he he and that was located right next to where all the media folks were located!

    Okay first of, it is a Caribbean festival so when they say the parade starts at 10 a.m. ... They mean 10 a.m. Caribbean time, that's more like 11:30 ish our time! I **** you not! - Seriously... At 10 everyone involved as to give a speech, the never ending speech and then there is the ceremony of the cutting of the ribbon, signaling the start of the parade, looked like a bunch of 5 year old playing soccer - There was a big group huddle for that one!

    Now, next year I'll have to come down to Toronto and live Caribana but next year - I'll bring sunscreen, a hat, a golf umbrella, and booze! Well - I wasn't planning on staying all day today and didn't we left at 1 ish in order to go for lunch and then I came home and slept cause I was so out of it! Tooooooooo much sun... Caribana is a great place to spend the day at with friends, bring a camera, extra memory cards and a bunch of friends - get there early cause there was a major line up at the ticket booth when we left - yea - pay to go to the bleachers - $15 but so worth it as you are close to everything + have the benefit of the running commentary and music, plus it was real easy to get right in the middle of things, this said now that they know, perhaps next year it will not be so easy...

    The worst part is that I only saw perhaps not even a tenth of the parade cause I left so early...

    Princess Gate 9:40 a.m.

    Waiting for the parade to start

    This is where I lead by bad example - I went where I shouldn't have gone to take this pic - the media only area, he he he after I left it - I saw my two buddies going for it, yea... Leading by bad example is one of the many services I freely provide!

    The cutting of the ribbon

    The Toronto Mayor in the back of a pick up...

    Yea... I had to jump the fence to get the previous shot of the Mayor and everyone followed me to the other side! he he he

    It is slowly starting

    I got some blue makeup on my face, don't ask but ... see my grin! he he he

    One more thing to add to my to do list - Yea yea yea I noticed it a while back but I am just now pointing it out! More than 21,000 pictures and daily usage will to that to any DSLR...

    Picture of the day!

    Smile of the day!

    This is a good picture..

    This is a good one as well but for entirely different reasons...

    I really like this picture!


    Errr that's something of the day alright! he he he

    Okay now on to late afternoon early evening at Yonge and Dundas!

    Half busted pic of the day!


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