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    Street Photography: "Comfort Zone" >>

    In our lives at times we end up in a "Comfort Zone" our little cocoon of a routine, our groove and this is where we fell secure, safe - we don't want to leave that space, it is the groove we have made for ourselves, why muck it up? After all life is too short to get uncomfortable doing something out of the ordinary, doing something we wouldn't ordinarily do - a week ago I started forcing myself taking 2 pictures a day I wouldn't ordinarily take for what ever reason - the reason we do not do what doesn't come easily usually is fear, as such in order to conquer my fears I decided to take two pictures a day I did not feel comfortable taking, could be because the person is too close to me, the guy looks mean, they seem apprehensive or it feels like I am invading the person's privacy... Anywho - I decided to not only push the envelope but also to push back my barriers - become less fearful of people's reaction. As a photographer friend of mine recently told, "This is your art man... Taking pictures of people is your thing." Yup this is my thing, might as well try to become better at it.

    So today's pic are all in black and white as well - don't get me wrong - I love color pictures, this is the 21st century after all, color pictures should be mandatory at all times, I bet it is harder to master color pictures than it is Black and White pictures.... I am just stepping out of my comfort zone tonight. Enjoy today's offering.

    Today it will be out of the box, out of the comfort zone

    This car was made when things were simpler when the world still made sense

    Niiiice back!

    Cool pose

    Just plain nice


    Picture of the day!

    Babe of the day!

    Not a happy camper

    Right next to me


    Pan out...

    Zoom back in

    The officer on the left came after me and asked me why I took his picture... bla bla bla pathetic when he insert small talk in the midst of it all, "Did you come here last night to take picture of the cars" ... "That's a nice camera..." Errrr if you can't stop me from taking the picture why bother asking me what's the reason I am taking your picture? ... Cause you both were smiling when I decided to take your picture as you were looking at a kid playing in the fountain, I know Mr. Officer I told you I wasn't going to post it on the Internet but I changed my mind for two reasons, a.) It is a great picture and b.) when you came to ask me the reason I took your picture you took your badge number off your shoulder pad, not cool... Do I look like a criminal? Nope - I am a street photographer, sorry - that's a good picture, had to share it

    Half busted picture of the day

    No chicken legs!

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    Re: Street Photography: "Comfort Zone" >>

    Man Dude....
    Your work is improving by the minute...!!!!!

    AWESOME.....:gold :gold :gold :gold :gold :gold
    Kind Regards,

    It's nice to be important, but it's more important to be nice.....

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    Re: Street Photography: "Comfort Zone" >>

    Yep, it's a shame when cops can't relax and enjoy life. We get our picture taken sometimes, it's not a crime....... I forgot to pose for this shot, unlike my buddy!

    B-) Great photos as usual Dude!

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