Well well well well - look who was in town today - As we can't seem to be able to get the Swedish Bikini Team... Well - These women are athletes - too bad I only caught the tail end of their visit to Dundas Square and they were camera shy but - I got a few decent pictures

C'mon! Did we really need comments for the pictures above???

Now the picture above is my favorite picture of the day - which is your favorite today?

love pictures where you can see the eyes of the subject.

And I love stolen picture poses

Now about humor...

This girl while waiting for her boyfriend had 6 guys hitting on her - 2 of them kept coming back - S&M involutional rejection syndrome, kinda a crazy stuff come to think of it but then again some gals tend to play games, when they say "no" apparently they want you to ask again... Hummmm doesn't make sense to me - all the girls I asked out who said no (very few of them, cause I am shy not irresistible...) Well I never asked again!

Well the sixth guy had to ask... "You probably don't think you are pretty enough for me lady but I think I am pretty enough for the both of us..."

Just a nice smile and shameless plug for a Toronto attraction!