Street Photography: "Free From Time"

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    Street Photography: "Free From Time"

    Free from time... Shoot too much free time actually will cause many daily pictorials. Not many comments today as I am beat but enjoy...

    So today I had a lot of candid babe pictures - returning to my roots for a day

    Do I really need to comments on the babes?

    Okay what comes to your mind after seeing the picture above? C'mon say it!

    It is funny how many babes one can capture just sitting on the steps of Birks at Bay and Bloor...

    Picture of the day

    Half busted pic of the day!

    Errrrr cause I am an equal opportunity photographer!

    Model of the day!

    Yea... almost babe of the day but not quite there just yet!

    Escapee of the day!

    Babe of the day!!!!!!!!

    Actually I'd like to dub this one the real actual half busted pic of the day!

    Movie of the day, "Alien" playing at Dundas Square...

    Entertainment of the day and no the dances are not $5 ... More like $20!!!

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    Re: Street Photography: "Free From Time"

    Great report as usual and you've picked the right picture of the day and babe of the day imho.
    Best regards,

    Ernie Romers
    Founder and former site owner,

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