Street Photography: "Spirit of Discovery"

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    Street Photography: "Spirit of Discovery"

    It has been a long time since I had this many pictures in a post but here we go today with more than 10 pictures - some are for something I am working on and others are just for fun but man - what a f..king pain to process all these RAW files - it just takes time. Most of today's pic were shot in RAW and the few I shot in JPEG I wish I had shot in RAW.

    Some images are way too grainy - played with the ISO setting and kinda/sorta screwed it up for the day... Oh well so a few I switched to black and white and one to Sepia. I'll keep the comments to a minimum as it is now 4:53 a.m. and I want to get these out before going to bed... Why don't YOU guys comment for a change... Which picture you like and why - that would actually help me get better - and if you don't like any - which one is the worst and why - thanks!

    Okay that's a cool one 12X louder! he he he

    Who's going to see that Movie? "Snakes on a Plane" ???? Errrrr not me, without having seen it I give it two thumbs down and a fart...

    Now that's what I call a Manly Sunblock! Chain mail!!!!!

    Half Mast

    Good in color but...

    ... better in B&W!

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    Re: Street Photography: "Spirit of Discovery"

    Dude, your pictures are great, and as you have shown in previous posts the quality of your work cannot be criticised, I'm just going to comment on my favourites.

    "Roller Blade Girl" appeals to me, her classic hands behind the back skating style is captured brilliantly. I'm not that great at motion shots, I tend to capture the background perfect and leave the subject blurred, although having said that sometimes that makes a good shot. I like her camera burn, she is staring right into the lens perfectly..... caught!

    "Snakes on a Plane" promo girl.... what can I say, I like that for all the wrong reasons!... my bad?

    "Huddle of Orientals" is just great, 3 girls, 2 boys formation street crossing! You get the feeling they just walk around in that symetrical way everywhere..... great pic!

    "Girl on sidewalk, leg cocked", she's just great, oozes confidence and screams of "You want my picture, how's this?", capturing her character like that, bet you got her number too!

    The perfect architecture of the mirror window building is awesome, especially the picture showing the reflections of the buildings across the street, all askew and out of symetry, that's another awesome picture perfectly capturing a contrasting image.

    Cars?... I don't like pictures of cars much unless it's of a motor show, however "Good in colour, better in B&W" is a great picture, another lady with attitude burning the lens. She looks like she really needs those sunglasses to stop her melting your camera with her laser vision!

    Bad pictures?.... I can't think of a single one!
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    Re: Street Photography: "Spirit of Discovery"

    It is a pain processing raw files, but you have to do it if you want to publish...for the most part. Great work as usual Dude
    Wear what you like.

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    Re: Street Photography: "Spirit of Discovery"

    thank you that's great feedback - no, numbers for me....

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    Re: Street Photography: "Spirit of Discovery"

    Hi Dude,

    It's not that I want to pick my favorite picture or want to comment on any of your pictures, it's just that I'm hooked and every day enter the forum to see if you've posted a new photo report
    Best regards,

    Ernie Romers
    Founder and former site owner,

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