Street Photography: "Sprinklers & Standpipes"

Thread: Street Photography: "Sprinklers & Standpipes"

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    Street Photography: "Sprinklers & Standpipes"

    I fully realize some of you will have a field day with today's "Sprinklers & Standpipes" tittle but oh well I was running out of idea or... Am I being just plain mischievous? Who know, anyway - comments to a minimum like yesterday...

    Picture of the day, babe of the day...

    Personally that's is the kind of picture which looks better in grainy Black and White - what say you?

    I like the fuzzy feet

    Double take! Yes I did take two pictures of the same subject!

    Cool girl of the day... Doll huh oh I mean the Dole gal!

    The guy with her... Went chasing the two girls below - to offer them samples of Doll... Errrr Dole! he he he Can't blame him as the girls were holding hands

    Cougar alert... errr okay Leopard alert!

    I like her hair

    Sweet - getting cavities just looking at Toronto's wildlife!

    Busted shot of the day!


    Most people smile when the catch me taking there pictures not so this lady... Look at that glare - of course I am always in plain site as I am no "prevert" although that could be debatable ... Hummm I have noticed a theme in my pictorials - what is the theme, can you tell me?

    Babe of the day numéro II, hummm scratch that - she's a smoker...


    Model Pose of the day

    Cool guy of the day

    I can just imagine what the guy is saying, "I know... you probably don't think you are pretty enough for me but I think I am pretty enough for the both of us...

    This has to be the cool picture of the day! As such it deserve the Black and White treatment!

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    Re: Street Photography: "Sprinklers & Standpipes"


    Like this picture a lot, great work again...:gold :gold :gold
    Kind Regards,

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    Re: Street Photography: "Sprinklers & Standpipes"

    some very nice pictures thanks for sharing
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    Re: Street Photography: "Sprinklers & Standpipes"

    Great shots, Dude. As a retired firefighter, I can really appreciate the subject matter. That's what we spent most of our time looking at. I especially like the Stork Girl. Cheers, Bob
    Alas, time stays, we go.

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    Re: Street Photography: "Sprinklers & Standpipes"


    You da man

    Alot of "babe of the day" candidates in this group.

    Thank you again for all the great shots, I find myself checking in daily to see whats new.

    One of these days I have to post some of the shots I have taken since getting the Nikon D50, what an amazing camera! Got to love the DSLR format, it has changed the way that I take photos. It was the big joke on our recent family vacation, I shot close to 500 pictures but when its digital its just so easy to keep shooting. You can always delete the crappy shots later

    Thanks again


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    Re: Street Photography: "Sprinklers & Standpipes"

    When I look at your fotos, I guess, we have a common interest, my friend.--- Begins with > t <

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    Re: Street Photography: "Sprinklers & Standpipes"

    I think that first photo looks great in color! The blue Aquafina and the red and green Pepsi flanking the girl in the white outfit on the black standpipe - just awesome!
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