Street Photography: "Whipped Sundaes"

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    Street Photography: "Whipped Sundaes"

    Well a little less pictures today - these are only a few of the past couple of days.

    Photography, well it is your thing, you get a different experience from your viewing than another person. A little like poetry...

    It was pedestrian Sunday in Kensington Market yesterday...

    Picture of the day for me, I think I found my style - the half busted picture, where one of the person in the picture looks at the camera, this one is cute.

    What a fantastic smile!

    The Market is a totally different universe - a world apart, a great place to be, filled with cool people, strange people, friendly people.

    People who are not afraid to speak their minds about the day's issues, people who aren't afraid and are themselves no matter what the rest of society thinks. Liberated folks, who can be all they want to be and are/or feel free from the constraint of corporate America.


    I'll take one of each and then I get the gal in the bandanna for a $1 right? I love the Market!
    Now on to something else all together...

    Ha ha! What a great clown! She was there to attract people to Whipped Sundaes hosted at the Rivoli. Which is organized by Jennifer Lorraine Fraser For the Press Release from this past Sunday click on Sunday...


    Next Whipped Sunday - I am bringing my tripod and spending the afternoon.

    Half busted

    Half busted and I think this is a very good picture, plus - his date is a super babe!

    What a though job in the summer heat... he he he

    Lets pan out

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    Re: Street Photography: "Whipped Sundaes"

    Great thread again Dude...:gold :gold :gold
    Kind Regards,

    It's nice to be important, but it's more important to be nice.....

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