Took the Olympus EP-1 for a testdrive

Thread: Took the Olympus EP-1 for a testdrive

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    Took the Olympus EP-1 for a testdrive

    Finally a day without snowfall, so after work today I jumped in my car accompanied by the EP-1/Pen.
    I really had expected crisper and less noisy images from this camera, but no big deal since I usually use my D90 for shoots like this, but I wanted to test it anyway. The pen was mainly bought with streetphotography in mind. I`ve always been fascinated by this type of photography and wanted a camera I could do this with, without people paying me much attention. I`ve learned that people tend to be distracted and uncomfortable around a guy with a big DSLR pointing in their general direction
    Anyway, here are some pics from today.

    And this guy was waiting for me when I got home

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    Re: Took the Olympus EP-1 for a testdrive

    Fantastic looking photos~Cheers!

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    Re: Took the Olympus EP-1 for a testdrive

    Great work by the photographer...

    The images do look a little soft - did you apply an unsharp mask?

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    Re: Took the Olympus EP-1 for a testdrive

    Super! Lovely images, and that's a beautiful dog!

    Congratulations on the new camera,
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