Toronto - My second favorite city in the world

Thread: Toronto - My second favorite city in the world

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    Toronto - My second favorite city in the world

    Was there for a product shoot over the weekend.

    Worked a lot more than expected, not easy but fun and challenging.

    I really love what they did with the ROM

    That's the Royal Ontario Museum in case you wonder what the "ROM" is ...

    Spent a few precious minutes with friends... at Lunch

    After work on Saturday for a game of Roof top Hockey :biggrin: Yea we drink Bud... when playing hockey :wink:

    An interesting shot...

    We even took the time to sit, enjoy the scenery while drinking and talking...

    I even found 3 hours to walk around and do a little street photo...

    Another interesting artsy pic

    And a couple of wide angle pictures

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    Re: Toronto - My second favorite city in the world

    I expect the ROM will be much better when it's finished?...
    Great pictures.

    I should maybe take a few pictures of our Scottish Parliament building, though it may crack my camera lens to do so.

    To give you a clue - it was designed by a Spanish architect known by many here as El Collapso!!

    I will get some images of it in a week or two (it's in Edinburgh, which I don't go to very often) - as it's just too good to miss.


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