The Twelve Apostles - The Great Ocean Road

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    The Twelve Apostles - The Great Ocean Road

    The Twelve Apostles, our second best scenic stop on our short trip on The Great Ocean Road... Just some quick pictures, I am starting to be tired... I'll need a vacation after this one to recoup *wink*

    Worth a stop, I am sorry I did not get up early enough to catch the morning light but... glad I slept in a little bit.

    I wanted to take pictures from the beach unfortunately you need to get to it by boat and the sea was a tad too choppy for a beach landing...

    As you can see, I did not want to risk my life for the sake of a few images...

    So we chartered an helicopter in order to get a view from above (less risky apparently but we needed to provide a name and number just in case and... we tipped the pilot only after landing... BTW I love flying in helicopters however next time... I'll have them take the doors off... but you have to call way in advance for that and this was a spur of the moment thing!)

    London Bridge

    The twelve apostles...

    That 14-24 is just superb

    The view from the lookout

    Is The Great Ocean Road worth the trip... YES! (More to come)

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    Re: The Twelve Apostles - The Great Ocean Road

    Greetings from that Island they call Long!

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    Re: The Twelve Apostles - The Great Ocean Road

    Amazing! The "View from the lookout" photo looks almost 3d! Are you using any filters on the lens?

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