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    Re: Watch Photography Tips?

    Hey there, I am a pro photographer but product shots are not usually my thing, so when my new watch (Pan90 homage) arrived I decided to "have a go" at some small product lighting.

    I've posted a set up shot below, it's pretty straight forward. 2 speedlites, 4 bounce cards and a large black card that I'm shooting through to eliminate reflections on the glass. in fact the black card for this shot was one of the most crucial parts, OK so you can photoshop some reflections but if it's across a dial or logo you're just making things hard for yourself, and when i'm working i try very hard to keep the post production down to a minimum.

    Canon 5D mkII
    Canon 50mm f1.2
    Canon speedlites - 550ex and 580ex mkII
    triggered with pocket wizards.

    my usual work's at www.
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    Re: Watch Photography Tips?

    martinellard, just curious about the way you positioned your flashes in the final pic, are they pointing up bouncing light upwards, or are they laying flat horizontally?

    btw, that strap looks great too! would you mind sharing the link of the site where you got that from? strap looks to read PAW MARKER?

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    Re: Watch Photography Tips?

    Quote Originally Posted by GuySie View Post
    I enjoyed this post by ASRSPR, as it also goes into the thought processes and decisions he makes along the way:
    BRILLIANT, thanks for referring to that thread. Superb advice and step-by-step explanation.

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