WCCS Frogman w/ Sea shell.

Thread: WCCS Frogman w/ Sea shell.

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    WCCS Frogman w/ Sea shell.

    I'm not very good at taking pictures at all. I almost always manage to get my finger in the shot somehow. You should see the 'family photo album' w/ a bunch of pics of fingers and family members in the background.
    This Sunday I got inspired and took this shot of my newly acquired 98'DW8201wc-9T Frogman w/ a shell I got on the beach in FL. and to my amazement- No finger!!

    Thanks for looking, Sudman in MI.
    Shot w/ a Finepix-point and shoot- that's 9yrs old.

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    Re: WCCS Frogman w/ Sea shell.

    No worries, that's a nice photo! Just remember: exposure (not an issue on P&S cameras), composition and focus! It's a pet peeve of mine to see blurry photos. I try very hard to make things easy to look at!
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    Re: WCCS Frogman w/ Sea shell.

    Thats a nice photo and froggie.

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