What's the easiest way to resize pics and upload from smartphone?

Thread: What's the easiest way to resize pics and upload from smartphone?

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    What's the easiest way to resize pics and upload from smartphone?

    All the pics taken with my S5 are really big. Even in the small setting, it's still very big, and it's a hassle to use another app to resize/crop before uploading on the internet.

    Any suggestions to make this as easy as possible?

    I would like to take the pic, and within 2 or 3 taps have this image uploaded for sharing on the forums.
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    Re: What's the easiest way to resize pics and upload from smartphone?

    theres a whole bunch of diff. camera apps that have smaller size settings, just do a search for "best android camera apps 2014" or something and youll come across the same ones being mentioned. im currently using a sony, the standard app is good but its so restrictive so im trying "open camera" (open source app) very simple but has a nice hands on feel which is good if youre normally use to using a dslr in modes other than auto.

    in saying that tho, i still shoot at least at 4mp so i have a higher res file to work with if i ever want to tweak it better in LR or PS so i use an app called (funnily enough) "photo editor" alot of useful tweaks but i mostly use it for crop and resizing cos its quick. you can also shuffle your fave functions to have them display first so youre not scrolling thru a bunch of buttons every time. only thing id change would be to have a screen like LR where you can adjust exposure, contrast, brightness and shadow which a slider instead of clumsily dragging a histogram around.

    any back to your question, if you want to have a resize function that only take a couple taps you might want to look at one inside a camera app to save going out of it, into a new one, opening your folder, finding the photo, editing, resizing, then sharing.
    personally i think youd be saving only seconds but thats your choice. hth
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