*****WRUW March 2016*****
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Thread: *****WRUW March 2016*****

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    *****WRUW March 2016*****

    Wowee I've beaten our Antipodean cousins

    Just realised in my haste I've gone back a year (now changed)

    Brought to you by HYPNOTOAD
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    Re: *****WRUW March 2016*****

    Quote Originally Posted by busmatt View Post
    Wowee I've beaten our Antipodian cousins

    Just realised in my haste I've gone back a year (now changed)

    Brought to you by HYPNOTOAD
    I have already wondered why this thread for March was not started yet. The Empire has shied no effort to populate the antipodes and now, several hours after daybreak in the region, things have to be taken care of in King’s Lynn…
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    Re: *****WRUW March 2016*****

    Omega Marine recently serviced =)

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    German Polosin

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    Re: *****WRUW March 2016*****

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    Re: *****WRUW March 2016*****

    I was fooling around with my new Zulu strap so I was wearing this one but I really was wearing the Casio Gpw1000

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    Re: *****WRUW March 2016*****

    Ok, this is mine for the start: Waltham 1934 Model L-7.25, serial number 28646398
    Attached Images Attached Images

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    Re: *****WRUW March 2016*****

    'New Year...old watches' moves into it's 3rd month with this 70's Eseikor Electra 23....OK this is one those watches I bought back before I knew better...so I have had it a while. This one uses every trick in the book to get you to believe it something it's not. Eseikor? Notice it says Seiko in the middle? I have been told that importers painted over the E and R and sold fake Seiko's. 'Electra' on the dial was used to make people think it was futuristic, '23' wants you to assume that the jewel count (but it doesn't say that), Swiss Parts? Maybe. Hong Kong Dial? That I do believe. I think this has a 1 jewel pin lever movement in it. As bad as all that is...it keeps good time and has a 70's disco feel with the iridescent red striped dial and pale green and crystal markers.

    Later, Gary

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    Re: *****WRUW March 2016*****

    "1928 German pattern aviator watch" chronograph. Rare beast.

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    *****WRUW March 2016*****

    Thanks Matt for a UK-Centric start to WRUW this month ! Brietling 808 chronomat today - Cheers to all SDA

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    Re: *****WRUW March 2016*****

    Happy March, everyone! For all of us north of the equator, looking forward to some warmer months ahead.

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