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    Re: ***Vintage WRUW September 2017***

    Hard choice...
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    ...so I'm just wearing them in turns.

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    Re: ***Vintage WRUW September 2017***

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    Re: ***Vintage WRUW September 2017***

    Vintage Watra wristwatch, circa 1970, French calibre Lorsa 238:

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    Re: ***Vintage WRUW September 2017***

    From the hat today, a 34mm Roamer Auto with no apologies for the reflections caused by sunlight, something of a rarity where I am, so always worth recording. In a 9ct gold case with a 17j hacking MST 522, the final flourish of their in-house movements.

    Bought at a "live" auction comprehensively ignoring my self-imposed limit but, hey, it does have a signed buckle and crown, so that's my conscience salved. Kind of.

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    ***Vintage WRUW September 2017***

    Ok, I know, the watch isn't vintage but the strap is a genuine throwback, a NOS 70's RAF strap, I'd been after one of these and they were available from Silvermans and were sold out when I inquired but a chum has come to my rescue and found me one, it's very comfortable and looks cool so I think it's going to be on for a while.

    Just the right size

    The ends are longer than a modern version and cover the whole wrist making it very wearable.

    Here's a contemporary picture of one being worn in action


    Brought to you by HYPNOTOAD
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    Re: ***Vintage WRUW September 2017***

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    Re: ***Vintage WRUW September 2017***

    same old thing 1970 connie
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    Re: ***Vintage WRUW September 2017***

    '74 Seiko 7005 2000 today.

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    Re: ***Vintage WRUW September 2017***

    I have chosen a pocket watch for today: 1836, sterling silver (London Hallmark), chain and fusee but already with a pointed tooth escapement. It has a beautiful diamond center stone. Watchmaker: Thomas Strange from Banbury, England.

    The case was made by Benjamin Norton, Banner Street St. Luke's, London. I could not resist to take a peek into his testimony, a copy of which is kept at the British National Archives. Took me some time to figure out that the scribblings at the end of some lines are no words I couldn't identify. They just fill the space so nobody can insert anything into the document afterwards.

    In short: he decided to leave a good portion of his fortune to his wife. Nice gesture indeed, Benjamin!
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    Re: ***Vintage WRUW September 2017***

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