15k Gold Ladies Wristwatch 1914

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    15k Gold Ladies Wristwatch 1914


    I wonder if anyone can help with this wristwatch, owned by my mother and given to her by her own mother. I don't have too much information and I'm not sure how useful the information I do have is, but here goes.

    First, poor pictures:

    watch-2 | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

    The details can not really be seen in the photos, but this is what I could make out:

    1: On the inside of the main back case, there is the hall marks and the serial number- G.N, An Omega Shaped Mark, The number 8, which Could also be an S. Then there is the 15k mark, 15 625

    2: On the inner case is an inscription which dates the watch to 1914. On the back of this door the same information as on the outer case.

    3: The movement has no more than the Stauffer Trade mark, Swiss made with the 3 triangles and SS&CO., and it also has for the fast slow adjuster " AF and RS"

    4: On the outside back of the case there is a large Logo or inscription which I don't know what to make of. I think it has an M and an E but it's very hard to make out.

    5: The clasp has "Chaincraft" and what appears to be "PV1"

    6: If it's of any use, the serial number on the case is 261876

    I have no idea about any of this but my mother would be delighted if she could find out some more about the watch. Any information would be greatly appreciated
    Many Thanks,


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    Re: 15k Gold Ladies Wristwatch 1914

    That's a lovely looking watch - and a fantastic heirloom. I am no expert on Omegas but I am sure someone in that league will drop in shortly. If not, try the Omega forum.

    Hartmut Richter

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    Re: 15k Gold Ladies Wristwatch 1914

    The movement looks like an early ebauche which I can look into in one of my books if it is of any interest to you.
    The SS&Co company were retailers of IWC Schaffhausen in the UK (And possibly other parts of the commonwealth) and apart of IWC they also 'private labeled' ebauche movements that were sold by themselves.
    I suspect the 'Omega' sign on the back is actually a Sheffield gold import mark that corresponds with the gothic shaped S letter for the year 1910 (It IS likely the watch was inscribed a few years after it was made);
    AF - RS on the regulator simply indicates AVANCE/FAST - RETARD/SLOW for the movement's calibration and is a common engraving in French/English for almost all Swiss watches.
    I am quite confident this chain is actually gold filled and nevertheless it is probably original to the watch.

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