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    16s Unknown Swiss Pocket Watch

    I received this watch along with a DOXA I purchased. It appears to be a very cheaply made watch. There are a couple of marks, the most prominent, is a large "A" followed by what I at first thought was another capital "A", just in front of the balance wheel on the pillar plate. However, on closer examination it appears to be some manner of symbol, based on a capital A. They are perhaps the maker's marks?? Also. on the top plate, are engraved letters below three of the screws: L - A - S. Perhaps designating what the screws control/secure?

    I know that these type Swiss watches were mostly made from parts gathered together from a number of sources. But was wondering if the marks, or the appearance yields any indication of the maker?

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    Re: 16s Unknown Swiss Pocket Watch

    I think that "symbol" is just a double punched A.
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