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    1895 Ingersoll Reliance pocket watch

    I have this Ingersoll Reliance pocket watch that according to the serial number is from 1895. This watch seems to be in way too good shape for being 120 years old. It has next to no wear and one small dent on the edge and the crystal is clear with no scratches. Were these watches refurbished later on? Also is it common for the movement and case to have different serial numbers?

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    Re: 1895 Ingersoll Reliance pocket watch

    If the dial is enamel, then you don't need to worry about redials- no such risk with enamel dials. Also, the crystal might as well be the 10th one this watch has... "Way too good"? That might apply to wristwatches, which are quite frequently redialed (many 1930s/1940s PWs with painted metal dials unfortunately are too) and have their cases polished, but PWs tend to show a slightly different sort of wear- when they're worn in a pocket- as they should- they aren't exactly exposed to as many different damage-causing factors as a wristwatch.
    A difference in serial numbers on case and movement is perfectly normal- in mass production, who cares about matching serials? Cases and movements could have been produced as much as 3 years (the upper limit for that interval, I think) apart.
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    Re: 1895 Ingersoll Reliance pocket watch

    Looks more like 1950s and not enamel :)
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