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    Question 1916 IWC 'Trench Watch'?

    (also posted in the IWC section)

    Hi guys,

    I've been trying to do some research into this old 'trench watch' which has recently been given to me, and although I have found out some interesting information about it, there are still a few bits I am unsure of.

    If the watch looks a little odd in this picture, it is because it is only ledged together for the photograph to give you an idea of how it looks when built up.

    What I have found so far (true or false?):

    From the case markings:

    Sterling Silver - Assayed in London 1916

    Sponser/Importer mark CN - Charles Nicolet, director of Stauffer, Son & Co

    Case Maker F B - Francois Borgel of Geneva Switzerland

    From Movement:

    Signed S&Co with a small crown above the initials (Stauffer, Son & Co), other markings include the word 'PEERLESS' (written below the balance wheel), SWISS MADE and the serial number 643767

    IWC SAV Calibre. 64 from 1916

    Although I seem to have found quite a good bit of information, I am unsure exactly how much of it is correct, and I'm also a little confused about the relationship between Stauffer, Son & Co and IWC?

    The dial simply reads 'SPORTSMAN', which I can find no reasoning for at all? Also, there is no mention of IWC on the watch case or movement, although, through my research, I am sure it is one of their watches?

    Any help or clarification of what I have already found will be very helpful and much appreciated please guys?

    Thanks for taking a look

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    Re: 1916 IWC 'Trench Watch'?

    I know absolutely nothing, but the "sportsman" name can be explained, that a wristwatch like this is very handy if you hunt, or fish.
    No need to fumble in your clothes after a PW, as it is placed conveniently on your wrist.

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    Re: 1916 IWC 'Trench Watch'?

    Hi Russ,

    Awesome watch that was given to you!

    I don't know much about it but I've done a little search about the S&Co mark, here is a little bit more info: Mikrolisk - was Feines für die Tasche... - Das Informationsportal rund um die Taschenuhr!

    cheers, Frans

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    Re: 1916 IWC 'Trench Watch'?

    It looks like a variation of IWC 53 movement (depending on movement diameter), but I do not know much about these. You might try looking at Dr. Ranfft's pages: bidfun-db Archive: Watch Movements
    As Frans has pointed out Stauffer & Co was a London importer of IWC watches or movements.
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    Re: 1916 IWC 'Trench Watch'?

    Russ, all your info is correct regarding makers, year, etc.
    Kathleen Pritchard states, in "Swiss Timepiece Makers", that Stauffer imported ebauches from IWC. She also noted that in London in 1897 they had an escapement and jewel setting dept, pinion and steel parts dept and a machine dept.
    I don't know if they also imported completed movements or if they only imported IWC ebauches and completed them themselves.
    I suspect that they also imported complete movements, since yours is marked Swiss Made and is listed as a calibre 64 in the online IWC movement database.
    As usual, there is conflicting info on the internet.

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    Re: 1916 IWC 'Trench Watch'?

    That is a great gift to receive and I agree that your info is correct.

    I have one of these by Stauffer with the cal 64 but mine is in the more
    common (yet heavier than the norm) hinged case of that time.

    I think the reason yours is marked as 'Sportsman' is because it is
    in a Borgel case ( early attempt at water proof case).

    These Stauffers with IWC movements are recognised as genuine IWC's by IWC
    collectors and represent some of the earliest IWC wristwatches. The movement
    cal 64 had been around for a while already and was originaly used in ladies fob watches
    but they make a perfect wristwatch and if in good order they are excellent time keepers.

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