1926 Illinois Wristwatch
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Thread: 1926 Illinois Wristwatch

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    1926 Illinois Wristwatch

    In the places I now search I don't come across very many Illinois wristwatches. So I was interested to find this lurking in a thrift bag. It represents a couple of firsts for me. My first subdial at 9. And dating to 1926 it is now the oldest wristwatch in my collection . I have a couple of 1930's Hamiltons and one Hamilton /Illinois. Looks to be a quite old refinish ( But I do like the numerals). It has several service marks and seems to run well. It is a 6-0 movement in a Fahy's case. It's also larger than I might expect from this time at about 28x28mm.
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    Re: 1926 Illinois Wristwatch

    Nice score.

    I think Illinois wrist watches are a hidden treasure. Yes you are correct, the Illinois watches of the era are large. Here is mine. It takes 20mm straps. I have also included one of its "competitors" that Illinois became part of for no other reason other then I bought them at the same time. The Hamilton is from 1930 and the Illinois from ether 1926 or 1927.
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    Re: 1926 Illinois Wristwatch


    Looks like a very nice Illinois...a Find!

    I've worked on several watches just like this over the past few years, and--although they're well-made--most have experienced more than their share of repairs...which ( speaking just for myself ) made them a little difficult to work on. I didn't encounter any real issues, it's simply that they were a bit tired, & did not go together all that easily...if you know what I'm getting at.

    Still: I rather enjoy working on them, have achieved good results, and certainly will start the next job with a smile.

    I agree with journeyforce, in that Illinois ww's are sought-after and seem to represent a good 'investment', not only for their potential to become more of a Collector Piece, but ( at least as important ) owing to their Striking Designs and mechanical quality...some of the higher-grade movements are pretty fancy, and Illinois knew how to polish steel and lay down a very nice Damaskeen.

    I own a few rather like yours, and they DO look good and make quite an impression...enjoy! Michael.
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