1940s tiffany & co watch value.

Thread: 1940s tiffany & co watch value.

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    1940s tiffany & co watch value.

    I haven't been able to find any information as to the value of this watch.
    Can anyone help?
    The case inside shows the words MOVADO and WADSWORTH 14K 585 FINE and 15 Jewels.
    The watch band is 14K and is 2mm thick and is 85mm long on each side. The watch diameter is 30mm and the case is 7mm thick. Seems to keep good time. Has its original box.
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    Re: 1940s tiffany & co watch value.

    At the top of the forum are a number of articles on how the forum is run... one of them tells why we don't do valuations.

    This appears to be a solid gold watch. As such it is worth a small multiple of melt (the actual melted down value of the gold), whatever that may be this week... maybe more. Certainly not less!

    Tiffany evidently had Movado encase this from a Wadsworth case. The bracelet might have some markings too... Pics of the hallmarks on the back inside of the case would be helpful but the inscription gives pretty good dating
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    Re: 1940s tiffany & co watch value.

    I have an almost identical watch that i had valued yesterday. They told me they would give me 1,800 in working condition, 1,050 non working.
    Mine has an inscription on the back as well . "TO ERIC CRAWFORD IN APPRECIATION FROM WESTERN BROS. & SURVOL. OCTOBER 1946" Must have been a popular watch for Company gifts

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    Re: 1940s tiffany & co watch value.

    To be honest, your post isn't particularly useful to anyone. Saying that yours is "almost identical" doesn't tell us anything if we don't know in what way it's different. An 18k case would look "almost identical" but would have a significantly greater value. When you say you had it "valued" but they gave you two different numbers depending on if it was working or not suggests that they didn't really look at it all that closely (or at all). Was that an actual "offer" (ie, they're prepared to give you a cheque), an estimate of what they think it'll sell for, or just an insurance appraisal? Because those are three totally different things.
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