1960's IWC
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Thread: 1960's IWC

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    1960's IWC

    Hi guys,

    I wanted to share a few pictures of my 1960's IWC with you.. I can't really think of any good excuse for doing this, but I had my camera phone handy, and it was on my wrist, and so I decided to take a picture.

    I can't remember the exact year of this one as my main PC is down at the moment, and the details of all my watches are stored on there.. But if I remember correctly, I think it's probably mid sixties.

    Any comments more than welcome.

    Thanks for taking the time to look


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    Re: 1960's IWC

    You never need an excuse to share pictures of watches around here


    Brought to you by HYPNOTOAD
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    Re: 1960's IWC

    Super-elegant. I hope my modern Portuguese looks that good when it's that old; (said on behalf of one of my sons - I won't be around to make the judgement!).

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    Re: 1960's IWC

    Very nice,a good mixture of elegant and robust,imo,question though?is one of the hands a replacement,i can only see lume in the hour hand.

    Edit:Ignore the lume question,i didnt have my glasses on!
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    1960's IWC

    Hi guys,

    Thank you for the replies.. I forgot to mention that the dial on this watch, although it looks pretty much black on the pictures, is actually called 'anthracite'.

    In reality, it shows a variety of different shades, depending on the viewing angle.. Sometimes a very dark grey (as seen in the pictures), to a really light shade when the light hits it just right. It's one of those dials that looks different each time you see it, and if you look very closely.. It has a kind of very fine vertical 'brushing' which causes this effect.

    Thanks again for taking a look

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    Re: 1960's IWC

    Very nice! Those grey dials were/are actually rather special. I am familiar with them, and the color changes are really beautiful.



    Tony C.
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    Re: 1960's IWC

    Yours is very nice..

    Mine with similar hands is from 1964..

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    Tony Lewis
    New Zealand

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