1960's Ulysse Nardin ... Any Help?

Thread: 1960's Ulysse Nardin ... Any Help?

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    1960's Ulysse Nardin ... Any Help?

    Wondering about the integrity of this Nardin I've recently come across. Tempted to buy but hesitate.
    Can't find much info.

    The hands seem to be a copper color, the seconds hand is red. I wonder if the hands have been frankened in. They are not the same color as the hour indices on the watch. Also, I've not found any info about "super automatic" designation.

    The movement is loose in the case and moves a bit when winding and setting.

    The watch does run.

    Thanks in advance for any wisdom.

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    Re: 1960's Ulysse Nardin ... Any Help?

    The watch is about as worn as one would expect for a watch of that age (case, hands) - except the dial. And that's the only thing currently pointing to it being a Ulysse Nardin. Which means it's a redial at the very best, and quite probably a frankenwatch or even a fake. Nothing easier than repainting the dial and pasting a new name on it.....!

    Hartmut Richter

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    Re: 1960's Ulysse Nardin ... Any Help?

    These fake UNs are all over the place.
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    Re: 1960's Ulysse Nardin ... Any Help?

    The watch has a newish Hamilton movement in it as a matter of fact. inside the lugs "Plaque 10" (Gold plate)

    Marks in the case back date recent service to 2016. Would only deceive the most clueless. Perhaps more likely someone just wanted to keep the watch in the family, and keep it running. The non matching hands are so conspicuous.

    Think I'll keep it for $50!

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    Re: 1960's Ulysse Nardin ... Any Help?

    Hamilton movement in a UN? They wanted to deceive not only the clueless but others also. Just don't tell your friends it's a real UN.
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