1960's Vulcain Nautical Cricket

Thread: 1960's Vulcain Nautical Cricket

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    1960's Vulcain Nautical Cricket

    I have an original Vulcain Cricket Nautical, that is now currently bing re-issued. Does anyone have a source for the ss waterproof correct signed Vulcain crown? In addition, any ideas where to find the instruction manual that originally came with the watch?
    Thanks in advance!

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    Re: 1960's Vulcain Nautical Cricket

    Welcome aboard~CheerS!

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    Re: 1960's Vulcain Nautical Cricket

    Great watch, can we see pictures?

    for many vintage watches, original crowns are hard to find.
    Try seeking the oldest watchmaker in your area to see if they might have something saved.
    Another option would be to find a lesser Vulcain that used the same crown and use it as a donor.

    Good luck!

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