1965 ROLEX GMT Pepsi bezel - odd looking?
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Thread: 1965 ROLEX GMT Pepsi bezel - odd looking?

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    1965 ROLEX GMT Pepsi bezel - odd looking?

    Firstly- I LOVE watchuseek! I seek so much, and the people here are amazing so far! Totally inspiring community.
    Iím looking at this watch on Monday and Iím curious if anyone has ever seen bezel alignment like this on a model from this year or if itís a red flag. Iím opening it up at a AR for Rolex and trust itís original and legitimate, but I feel I should ask- this just seems weird, the line between the red and blue is through the 8, and not at its bottom to perfectly line up with the 9pm mark in between the 1 and 8 at the 18hr mark on the bezel.

    I Love it , if itís original- I canít find a picture of it online like this anywhere and like the unique-ness.... if itís legit...

    thoughts? Much thanks in advance !

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    Re: 1965 ROLEX GMT Pepsi bezel - odd looking?

    It isn't aligned properly. The 12 of the gmt bezel should be strictly under swiss t25 marking and same comment for the bezel triangle which should be aligned in the middle of the triangle. Normally the bezel lines should be in the middle of 18 and same comment for the 6 . Who is selling it if I may ask? Is it a watchmaker or some seller selling watches in as is condition????
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    Re: 1965 ROLEX GMT Pepsi bezel - odd looking?

    Well, I've seen quite a bit of variation in where the red/blue dividing line is place on these bezels, so it could be ok. Make sure the color of the back of the insert is correct, and if you don't know what I mean, you should do more research.

    If this has a gilt-gloss dial (can't tell from the photos, but just assuming from the 1965 date), it's potentially an amazing piece, but these watches are amongst the most faked, tampered-with, and reproduced these days because of the tremendous run up in price. Study hard and make sure you know the difference between original and service parts: https://gmtmaster1675.com

    And after all that studying, read this for a dose of reality: https://omegaforums.net/threads/walk...d-1675s.76788/
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    Re: 1965 ROLEX GMT Pepsi bezel - odd looking?

    After studying endlessly for 2 days straight I went and had a lovely chat with the owner- they have decided not to sell!even though it was posted on their web site, hahah

    Which is too bad- the watch was so beautiful. Gloss was slightly cracking under the arms stem and the tritium was all so evenly coloured and the gilt dial- the worn lugs, passed my number along in case he changes his mind.

    I understand though- after hearing it’s story.

    I had to get a watch today though, haha- so I left with this BEAUTIFUL Breitling Chronograph from the 40’s, has a Venus 178 in there , and I’ve never seen a black dial in person, or ever in this beautiful of condition! I’m posting a thread about it soon- once I have movement pictures , I didn’t take any because I was oooogling.
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    But I’ll share it here as a preview
    Thanks for the links !!! That thread about fakes and such was AMAZING! Unbelievable. I have it bookmarked for future study! It’s like a whole course ! With its links to links haha

    Thanks again for your help.

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