1970s self-winding Hamilton ID?

Thread: 1970s self-winding Hamilton ID?

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    1970s self-winding Hamilton ID?

    I am looking for any information regarding this watch:

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    My grandfather received it in 1973 as a retirement gift, and I've recently had it serviced. Mostly I'm curious about its original watch band so I could pick one that matches it better (the current band is a Speidel and it doesn't quite match). But I'm also curious about the watch in general.

    Any information would be greatly appreciated!


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    Re: 1970s self-winding Hamilton ID?

    The watch looks very 70's, which fits with your recollections of when your grandfather got it. The timeframe is interesting, actually. Hamilton bought "Buren" in the 60's, and stopped making their own watches in 1969. In 1972, they effectively sold themselves to SSIH (which became part of Swatch) and after that the name was being used on otherwise generic Swiss watches purely for marketing purposes. If your grandfather got this in 1973, it's could be one of the SSIH watches, or it could be older Buren stock.
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