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    1973 heuer automatic

    I just got a 1973 heuer carrera automatic, with original box and papers.
    The watch is in perfect condition, i think it had never seen any wrist time.

    I want to put the watch on the bay, would like to know what would be a reasonable asking price. The reason i am selling it is that i am saving up for a Rolex GMT.

    Sorry for the poor pics, only had cellphone camera.
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    Re: 1973 heuer automatic

    If the watch truly is in near mint condition I think you'd be best served by starting it at $0.99 with no reserve. Make sure you have excellent photos, including the movement and both sides of the case back. There is a strong demand for Autavias so your watch should garner a lot of bids.

    You can log on to eBay and search for "Autavia," making sure you click the Completed radio button on the left. You will find lots of examples recently sold and at what prices.
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    Re: 1973 heuer automatic

    If you're going to try to sell something on ebay, get (or borrow) a decent camera (and if neccessary, someone who knows how to use it). My first reaction to seeing pictures like the ones you posted are "he's hiding something".
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