1990 Omega Deville, help me out please?

Thread: 1990 Omega Deville, help me out please?

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    1990 Omega Deville, help me out please?

    Picked this up for $25, it has it's share of problems. First the movement is not working even with a new battery. Second, the strap is unique and utterly trashed. With that said my watchmaker is currently taking a look at the movement and trying to fix it buy may opt to buy a new one. As for the strap I am completely stumped. How in the world do I find another? I'd go for a bracelet as well but still can't find one of those either. If anyone can help out that would be great. The whole watch picture isn't mine, I wasn't able to grab a picture before I dropped it off, mine is all stainless instead of a gold bezel.
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    Re: 1990 Omega Deville, help me out please?

    YIKES...... It has come to my attention that they never made these without the 18k gold bezel as in the above picture........................... Someone must have pried mine off and scrapped it. Okay the watch is now definitely junk argh! Unless someone can find one that doesn't have an 18k bezel smh.

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    Re: 1990 Omega Deville, help me out please?

    Spartcom5...I admit to being a bit confused by this Post: so, the picture of the watch with the bezel is NOT yours, but, yours looks the same, but with a white bezel...correct?

    So: if your's looks good, I think it's a reasonable idea to re-check your source(s) @ 18K bezels: it may be that Omega DID make this style with more than one bezel...check some more to confirm.

    The strap looks like it will require some 'extra effort'(!) to replace...just take a look at how this one's put together...a clever person should be able to come up with a way to duplicate it.

    As for the movement...as you realize, even Quartz Omega's sometimes require an old-fashioned Service...there are quite a few moving parts here, & a good cleaning and oiling have been known to work wonders.

    Good luck...I think this one will turn out OK...be patient. MIchael.

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    Re: 1990 Omega Deville, help me out please?

    It's pushing the boundaries of vintage and not my cup of tea. Is it an expensive watch (at the time) or is it out of a cracker? I joke of course, each to his own. I have a few projects like this, too good to break up so one ties to resurrect, good luck in sourcing a new 18 ct bezel though!!!

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