2 Old watches to Identify and give info

Thread: 2 Old watches to Identify and give info

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    2 Old watches to Identify and give info

    I've recently found two watches in my grandmother's attic, and they appear very old and valuable.
    One is what appears to be a solid gold pocketwatch, with a chain.
    It says ILLINOIS under the 12, and has a seperate circle at the bottom for seconds.
    It has an intricate flowers design on the back, and when you open it, it says
    25 YEARS
    XO9452A is scratched VERY small into the watch, if this is any significance, as well as V1299 X909
    On the inside, where the gears are, it says
    19 Jewels
    Illinois springfield watch co
    Adjusted 3 positions

    The other watch is silver(?)
    It says Ingram under the twelve
    and BILTMORE over the seconds circle.
    It's also a pocketwatch but has no chain as well as no design on the back
    I'm afraid that's all I can say about this one, as I have tried multiple times but cannot open it.
    When telling me about the watch, a picture for clarification that we're talking about the same one would be nice.

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    Re: 2 Old watches to Identify and give info

    Well, pictures normally help a lot but your post has sufficient detail to say a few things...

    The first one is an Illinois Watch Co. made in 1919. With 19 jewels with 3 adjustments, it is a fairly good grade watch. The case is rolled gold, not solid.

    The second one is an Ingram... Ingrams were mass produced low cost watches which generally were designed to be used until they stopped working then were discarded and replaced.... a lot like modern day consumer electronics. Not many of the 65 million produced have survived. But they are not generally valuable.

    Get us some pics! We love pics!

    Thanks for stopping by!!
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    "Forever is composed of nows." - Emily Dickinson

    "The watch has to be surrounded by a history.
    You need more than just a great design. You need to create an atmosphere around the product.
    Who is the company behind it? Why are they using this material?
    People need to be able to identify the watch with themselves. It's based on emotion." - Ralph Furter

    ...that's just my opinion and I've been wrong before and will be again and might be now!

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    Re: 2 Old watches to Identify and give info

    I'll have some pictures up as soon as I can get this darn camera working!

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