A 24 hs. Tissot vintage.

Thread: A 24 hs. Tissot vintage.

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    A 24 hs. Tissot vintage.

    This is a Tissot Navigator 24 hs.
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    Can you tell me the year of birth)
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    The crown was missing, so I put a new one
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    The color is hard to show in the picture, but I think is very close to real.
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    The brazalet is origynal exept for "hebilla" (sorry I don't know the word in English), this one is from a moder one.
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    Re: A 24 hs. Tissot vintage.

    Great find! I have never seen such a watch before. If you can get the serial number off the movement, we may be able to find the year of manufacture. Right now I would guess the 1960's...
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    Re: A 24 hs. Tissot vintage.

    I dont't have the tool to open it, tomorrow I 'll go with my watchmaker to do it and see the serial numbar. I send you a cousin, or maybe a brother, but in green.
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