30-Jewels Fortis Trueline?

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    30-Jewels Fortis Trueline?


    this is my first post in the forum.
    i have with me, a rather old looking watch. on its dial, it says Fortis Trueline.
    so i've done some searches around but i couldn't identify this piece. it would be great if anyone of you guys are able to help..

    here's the front face of the watch (strapless). there's a sort of corrosion mark, partially masking the day indicator (which led me to believe the crystal is of acrylic type)
    Name:  DSC00405.JPG
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    Name:  DSC00406.JPG
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    on its case back, the inscription reads.. 30-Jewels Automatic, 6161, Incabloc, Swiss, Waterproof, etc.
    Name:  DSC00407.JPG
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    when i popped open the case back, it looks something like this.. (excuse me for the poor macro shots.. for this is the best that my phone camera can churn out)
    Name:  DSC00409.JPG
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    the assembly within has a brass-color look
    Name:  DSC00410.JPG
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    Name:  DSC00411.JPG
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    Name:  DSC00412.JPG
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    there is this tiny inscription, that reads "F"(within a cloverleaf shaped symbol, similar to those of ETA) and follows by 4008 (or 400B) as i'm not certain it's a numeric 8 or capital B as the fonts are really tiny.

    i've came across some 17-jewels Trueliners.. but i've yet to find one that says 30-jewels.

    appreciate all the comment(s) from you all. :thanks

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    Re: 30-Jewels Fortis Trueline?


    Probably a Felsa 4008. See:


    Although this gives a max. of 25 jewels, its not unknown for higher jewelled variants to turn up. Someone else will know about the model.
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    Re: 30-Jewels Fortis Trueline?

    thanks for the link, Marrick!

    judging from the picture, that's exactly where the F 4008 inscription was (at 8 o'clock position, using the crown as 12 o'clock)

    the 30-jewels inscription were marked at both the case back and at the rotor(quite faint from the pictures posted)

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    A 30-Jewel Felsa 4008 auto in a stainless steel case is pretty good no matter the brand

    I believe Fortis was (and still is) a mid-tier brand making good quality watches.

    I'm a big fan of Felsa movements.

    Interesting case design. I'd guess from the late 60s or early 70s.

    If the only problem is the crystal, run to the watchmaker to get it changed and you've got a winner.

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