'68 Speedy Heirloom
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Thread: '68 Speedy Heirloom

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    '68 Speedy Heirloom

    1968 Omega Speedmaster w/ 321 cal and a 26m serial number. My Dad bought it new on Dec. 26th 1968. I was Born in Sep. 1969. I remember that watch on my dad's wrist when he would visit us every other weekend (parents divorced when I was 2). I loved to sit on my dad's knee, take his wrist in my hand and hold his watch to my ear to listen to the slow, melodic tick...tick...tick of the movement. That watch was always on my dad's wrist and I loved to mess with the chrono pushers. That watch started my love of watches and a lifelong hobby I enjoy to this day.

    My dad was a pilot in the NJ State Police for 25 years. In the 1970's, the state police used to catch speeders on the turnpike and parkway by timing them between 1 mile sections of the road. My dad was allowed to use the tachymeter on his Omega to time cars to catch speeders and radio the info to a waiting squad car on the road.

    My dad stopped wearing the watch in his late 40's. I never knew why. I asked and he said it "needed fixing" and he hid it away somewhere. I didn't see the watch for about 15 years. One Friday morning in February 2000, dad passed away in a car accident. I was devastated by his passing. I was scheduled to have a week long vacation with him the day after the accident, but it was never to be.

    My brother and I were tasked with going through his belongings and execute his will. I went into the attic and saw about 100 boxes. I walked around, picked one, opened it up, and I was stunned to see a red Omega watch box. I knew that box. I opened the red box and found his watch, on its original band, and the paperwork and receipt from his purchase of the watch in 1968.

    As I held that watch, I felt as though my dad was reaching out from beyond the grave and placing his watch in my hands. I was overcome with joy. Wonderful memories of childhood and my father flooded back to me and helped heal a wounded heart.

    I sent the watch back to Bienne with instructions to not polish or alter anything on the watch, but to restore it to working order. 3 months later I received it back and the only new parts were the hands. I LOVE to wear this beauty on special occasions as I feel my father is, in some way, "there with me".

    It's all beat up, but it is a priceless heirloom to me. I will pass the watch on to my youngest daughter and tell her about her wonderful grandfather that she never got to meet, but in some way can feel close to him by wearing his watch.

    Happy thanksgiving to all you fathers out there.
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    Re: '68 Speedy Heirloom

    enthralling post, so vivid. great timepiece and heirloom. thanks for posting i enjoyed it.
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    Re: '68 Speedy Heirloom

    This was an excellent post. I think you should cross post it with the Omega forum. I am glad Omega listened to your wishes. I hope your daughter appreciates the watch when it's her turn to receive it.
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    Re: '68 Speedy Heirloom

    Great post & touching story...........thanks for sharing

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    Re: '68 Speedy Heirloom

    Watches are such wonderful heirlooms... no one will ever be saying this about their Dad's cellphone. Thanks for sharing.
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    Re: '68 Speedy Heirloom

    A very, very nice post, thank you. And I fully understand and appreciate your decision to conserve, rather than restore.
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    Re: '68 Speedy Heirloom

    Very fine example of how a watch can carry with it so much more than many other material possessions. well-written post, too. Also, she doesn't look all that beat-up, either - she should be able to carry on...

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    Re: '68 Speedy Heirloom

    Words fail me... beautifully told tale....I had a fascination with my fathers ring, it flashed into my mind the minute I got the gist. Sadly it was stolen from me in the late 70s.

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    Re: '68 Speedy Heirloom

    thanks for sharing with us. Very nice speedy :)
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