70s or 80s Pequignet - Any Info?

Thread: 70s or 80s Pequignet - Any Info?

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    70s or 80s Pequignet - Any Info?

    Hey folks. First post. I've come to acquire a beat up version of this watch:

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    Its my wife's fathers watch, would really love to know the story behind it. I have done a lot of reading on the brand, but I cant find much about them before the brand was re-kindled.

    Thank you very much in advance.

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    Re: 70s or 80s Pequignet - Any Info?

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    I want to open it up, but I would like to at least know the name of the model and have done as much research as possible first.

    Also, I would like to find a watch maker for this piece.

    Thank you all :)

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    Re: 70s or 80s Pequignet - Any Info?

    French watch: Emile Pequignet, Montres Emile Pequignet SA, Morteau, France

    There is not much of a history of this brand, which is very young, established in 1973.The Equus line has been starteded in the 1987s. What concerns the 're-kindling' of the brand: they did not go bust and had been re-activated, but the founder simply stepped down in 2004 for age reasons and Mr. Didier Leibundgut took over as CEO. He came from Zenith where he was marketing manager. In 2005, his two sons also joined the company.

    I am afraid you have not more than a mid-tier quartz watch here, at best, with a fancy dial and the wrong strap (usuall stainless steel gold/silver with a typical design). Combined with 'beat up' as you mentioned, I can't see a particular value here (we do not make valuations anyway according to the forum rules).

    However, it's totally different if you see it as a family heritage. I, myself, are occasionally wearing a quartz watch of my father-in-law to the great delight of my wife.

    In 2013, they craeted a new Equus line for the 40th anniversary of the company. Equus is Latin and means 'horse', a watch for horse lovers.

    If you want to see a watchmaker, as you mentioned, I assume it is not running. It might just need a new battery (if the old one inside did not leak out, which might create some problems).

    Ok, here is the rest:

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