Accutron 2182 Date Mechanism

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    Accutron 2182 Date Mechanism

    I recently got a 2182 not running. Stuck it on the tester and it hummed with super high drain—blocked fork. Turns out the peg from the date trip arm that advances the day had broken off, so I switched it out with one I had laying around. It lasted a week or two and broke in exactly the same way. (Admittedly, my replacement part was in somewhat questionable shape.)

    Is this a common problem? I got an NOS replacement; will it last indefinitely assuming proper maintenence?

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    Re: Accutron 2182 Date Mechanism

    I'm not aware this is particularly a common problem. Shouldn't be that much pressure on it in the scheme of things, but hard to say without looking into it!

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    Re: Accutron 2182 Date Mechanism

    Hi there,

    I had a similar problem with the protaquatil of my dishwasher, and a miracle healer cured it with earth rays.

    Regards, Roland Ranfft

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