Advice on Breitling Top Time - right case?
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Thread: Advice on Breitling Top Time - right case?

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    Advice on Breitling Top Time - right case?

    Hey guys, what do you think of this piece? (I know I keep posting these, I just really appreciate the expertise of everyone.) I think the hands/dial look like a gen 2, by reading previous posts, but the case does not look like a gen 2 case (the gen 2 lugs are straighter and don't curve into the case). But I'm not expert on the cases and wanted your input. These pics are from the seller, who seems like a nice guy.

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    Re: Advice on Breitling Top Time - right case?

    as you say it is a Gen. 1 ref. 810 case, used between 1964 and 1966 and a Gen. 2 panda dial and Gen. 2 hands, assembled 1967 and later.

    while there are some transitional reverse panda pieces using the upgraded dial design, there were no panda versions of the Gen. 1 and Gen. 2 hands were - as far as we know - never used in Gen. 1 cases, all correct panda are 1967 and later.

    dial also seems to sit incorrectly, btw.

    here we have a reverse panda Gen. 1 dial, Gen. 1 hands and Gen. 1 case, 1964, next to a Gen. 2 panda from 1967.

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    Re: Advice on Breitling Top Time - right case?

    Thank you, WatchFred!

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