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    Advice on Longines dial restoration

    Here's a picture of a Longines from, I would guess the 1940s, that belonged to my father. Unfortunately the glass was left broken for many years and the dial has become pitted and foxed. I understand that dials can be restored, but this seems like an unusual finish and I wonder if it can be replicated. I love the numeral design and the fine hands (which are blued and in very good condition). Is it possible? And if so, who could do it? (I'm in the UK.)

    Any advice gratefully received. TIA.

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    Re: Advice on Longines dial restoration

    A beautiful artdecco dial! I love it. I look forward to the forum's recommendations on finding a re-finisher. I've seen some good and some bad jobs. Unfortunately it appears the same vendor is capable of both. It will be good to hear if someone consistently does it 'right'.

    (I wonder if the watch doesn't date from the 30's... The movement will tell.)
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    Re: Advice on Longines dial restoration

    I've not used them, but this is a specialist dial restorer whose site looks fairly convincing:

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    Re: Advice on Longines dial restoration

    Hi -

    I wouldn't get it refinished at all.


    Because you will never, ever be able to reproduce the patina on the dial. Accept the wear and tear: it was, after all, wear and tear from your father.

    I only recommend having a redial done when there are legibility problems and/or severe damage to a portion of the dial. Other than that: it's an old watch, and you can't make it new.

    And it is a fabulous art deco dial with a to-die-for patina. Sure, there are some scratches, but there is no way to recreate the patina, unless, of course, you want to put the watch to use for 60+ years.

    Agree to your dating: perhaps a tad earlier. In any case, a real beauty (no pun intended)...

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    Re: Advice on Longines dial restoration

    Leave it alone!

    If you have the dial repainted it will no longer be your Fathers watch just a new looking vintage.

    That dial is not bad at all, close up pics show up every mark as I have found out.

    It's a great looking heirloom so just a service and a new crystal will be fine.

    Once a dial is repainted all the history has gone.

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