All original Keystone Howard 16 size mc gold case.

Thread: All original Keystone Howard 16 size mc gold case.

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    All original Keystone Howard 16 size mc gold case.

    This one evaded scrapping; shows a little wear so was near scrap value cost with lack of ebay bidding. It is still a good example of 1910 mc fancy p.w. far better to have than $ it cost. Notice that ebay seems to be a source for scrappers with less than scrap values for worn cases. Somewhat sloppy quick snapshots show need for alcohol bath to remove polish deposits. Keystone cheapest movement but a rr level quality.

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Size:  744.9 KBThis one with fine Hamilton 971
    was recently near twice scrap $.

    The Howard was polished with Simichrome. Not good practice. Warm water best to clear Simichrome residue. Did so and looks much better. Actually very little wear on its fine Solidarity thick case.
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