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    Alsta pocket watch

    I helped a friend pick up this Alsta pocket watch from ebay for $16.95. Can anyone tell me anything about these. What can I expect for time keeping. Sorry this is the only photo I took. So far it is keeping pretty good time.

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    Re: Alsta pocket watch

    Don't know anything about the brand, but the movement is the very common workhorse Unitas 6498 currently made by the ETA division of Swatch. A cleaned and lubricated 6498 that is well regulated should give you at the worst plus/minus 15 sec per day.

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    Re: Alsta pocket watch

    Alsta was a brand of the Alstater Watch Company Inc. So a US importer of Swiss movements.

    There's been one or two of their wristwatches posted in here if you use the search function - but little real info about the company.
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