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    Confused As Always any help appreciated

    Hi,I "rummage" for my vintage watches and have shoeboxes full...all are' keepers'....I certainly realize that collectibility varies and is usually reserved for the most desirable, of which I may have app. 30, plus a handful of pocket watches.....the rest I guess are just 'old watches'....I DO HOWEVER, HAVE AN APPRECIATION FOR THEM ALL .... I have actually bought a shoebox full 'as is'....attached is a picture, indicative of the amount of 'collateral' watches,I liquidate yearly..many people just have all their watches together to sell...these are mostly low to medium quartz department store watches..MY QUESTION:
    I recently pulled this watch out from one of my shoeboxes and immediately dropped it . .....the watch always worked,second hand included and kept accurate setting the time,I would always wind the crown backwards until it clicked and then pull it out,without any apparent tension....when I would wind the watch,it never clicked, as the crown was advanced,but you could not pull the crown question....I cannot recall if I set the time before or after winding the watch....if I pulled the crown out against resistance,would I have damaged the 'second hand' or was the fall, likely the cause...everything worked prior...thanks in advance for any help....I could not find any info on movement.......markings on movement = LORIE WATCHES ,THREE 3 ADJ,SWISS ,1316,FIFTEEN 15 RUBY JEWELS
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    Re: As Always any help appreciated

    Looks like 1930s mil style watch.Nice watch,anyway.
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