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    American Waltham Need help

    Hello everyone, I am new to the thread and will like anyones assistance on getting more information on this pocket watch, I am including images in this thread. The only information i have been able to gather if i am correct this watch was manufactured in 1892 the serial number reads "5885874" on the mechanical backside of this watch there is another number 270781 located on the openings of the watch. The watch is in perfect working condition i am looking on what something like this might be worth.

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    Re: American Waltham Need help

    You have pretty much nailed the identification, although from what I see it is a pendant set hunter cased watch with an attractive single sunk porcelain dial fited with a 7 jewel movement. 7 jewel movements were usually found in less expensive watches. The regulating lever is pushed to one side which indicates the watch is long overdue for service and possible repair. The case is nicely embossed and probably made of rolled gold with a 20 year warranty and probably has some wear through around the edges. If it has 14 k gold case then the value could be significant. It really is not possible to to valuations here because we do not have the watch in hand. The best source for an approximate sales price would be closed auctions on Ebay. You may want to post this on the Vintage and Pocketwatch forum as well.
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    Re: American Waltham Need help

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